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Certified Choi Kwang Do International Examiner

8th Degree Black Belt

Born May 15th, 1943 in Japan, Grandmaster Woo is a married father of three. Grandmaster Woo began the study of Tae Kwon Do at the age of 26, eventually achieving the rank of Master. In 1982, Grandmaster Woo met Grandmaster Choi and opened his first school under his guidance. After Grandmaster Choi officially announced Choi Kwang Do to the world in 1987, Grandmaster Woo, immediately seeing the benefits of this new Martial Art, joined Choi Kwang Do International and taught Choi Kwang Do until 1998 when other commitments forced him to stop teaching.

Grandmaster Woo, after retiring at age 61, began reflecting on his life. Though he retired as a successful businessman, his post-retirement reflection revealed that teaching Choi Kwang Do was the life that he most enjoyed. Grandmaster Woo returned to teaching Choi Kwang Do and initially opened the Commerce Choi Kwang Do school. He decided to devote the rest of his life to teaching Choi Kwang Do. After successfully opening Commerce Choi Kwang Do, Grandmaster Woo began working on what is now Hamilton Mill Choi Kwang Do in Dacula, GA. Grandmaster Woo truly cares about each of his students and his greatest reward is their success - their success in Choi Kwang Do, in their studies, in their employment, in their life.

In acknowledgement of his dedication and contribution to Choi Kwang Do, in 2004 Grandmaster Woo was promoted to the rank of 8th Degree Grandmaster by the founder of Choi Kwang Do, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi.

Grandmaster Woo invites you to come by the Hamilton Mill Choi Kwang Do School to learn of the great benefits of Choi Kwang Do. You can also schedule your free introductory lesson and become a part of the fastest growing martial art in the world!

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